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So just what the hell is Biocide about? That's a good question.

The year is 2089, from day that Ashas named the planet Nigriva. The world is very advanced -- robots and cyborgs aren't especially common, but they aren't very shocking either. The Gods remain, walking amongst the mortals without or with notice. The current Gods of Life and Death are two supposed sisters: Ellehcim, the Goddess of Death, and Komilye, the Goddess of Life. Things in Nigriva are fine -- there are no wars, but in Life and Death, things are anything but. The side of Life is preparing an army to fight the side of Death over a dissagreement between the two sisters. This war will be the war to end all wars. It is the moment Ashas has been waiting for: the hope of the next Apocolypse.

The army of Death, though, has run into a problem: they have no general. Originally, Ellehcim had Anec, the God of War, appointed for the position, but Ashas stepped in, stating that it was an unfair advantage as he was, well, the God of War. Now without a general for Ellehcim army, must find a new one. It is her "daughter", Acnaib, the Goddess of Negativity who comes up with a solution. She goes to find a new general and comes back with a practically dead 15-year-old girl, supposedly chosen completely at random. This girl is taken by Yatvoi, the Goddess of Knowledge, and re-built into the most advanced cyborg that the world has ever seen. Yatvoi names her INNEJ: she will be Death's general.

INNEJ, having lost just about everything in one night and being only 15, is understandably freaked out. She has no choice in the matter though. She is now Death's cyborg and must lead their army to victory. If Death wins, the apocolypse is sure to come. If Life wins, the world will continue on for a while longer. It is INNEJ's responsibility to help bring about the end of the world. The line between right and wrong is thin, and very obscure, and she is torn between listening to her head, or her heart. She makes friends in both Life and Death, and sees that it's not always easy to seperate good from evil. How can she bring about the end of Nigriva with a clear conscience? Not to mention the end of the world will become only one of her problems when she falls in love with a God, and Nevet, a creation of Ashas', betrayed by the Gate Keeper, comes back onto the scene, ready for revenge.
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Before The Story

I've already said that Biocide takes place in a futuristic, post-apocolyptic Earth. The new Earth's inhabitants, both human, and human-animal hybrids, are also polytheistic, worshipping Gods that walk upon the Earth. But how did things get this way? Buckle up. Here's the rough explanation.

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All of this information will be in Biocide's prequel, along with much, much more. The origins of some characters will only be explained in the prequel. Some characters can only be seen in the prequel, but will still be mentioned in the story (ex. Zach). Others will not be mentioned at all, and are completely exclusive to the prequel alone. They will still be included in the character section, a post or two up. Characters featured in only the sequel are still in the works, and will not be in the character bio section just yet.